“Meter.io Developer Bounty Program Tutorial” ”メーター 開発者報奨金プログラムのチュートリアル”

Hello Meter Community,

Good evening. We have just received some exciting news from @Meter_IO. They have announced the Meter_IO’s Developer Bounty Program! This announcement is primarily targeted towards developers and blockchain experts.

Meter.io Developer Bounty Program Tutorial


Meter.io is actively seeking partners to join us in shaping the future of DeFi through our Developer Bounty Program! By participating in this program, you can leverage your expertise to drive comprehensive development within the Meter.io ecosystem.

Application Process:

1.⚡Review of Program Overview

The main focus areas of the Meter.io Developer Bounty Program are as follows:

Infrastructure and Tools

Decentralized Applications




2.⚡Review Program Details

Please check the program details here.

3.⚡Participation in the Program

You can start earning bounties by initiating a bounty in this repository and achieving the goals based on the specifications.

4.⚡Bounty Structure

Created bounties must meet the following requirements:

The purpose must be clear and concise.

Provide context about the background of the bounty.

If there’s a reference implementation that bounty hunters can utilize, please provide it.

If there are specific challenges that would assist bounty hunters in delivering the bounty, please specify them.

・Acceptance criteria should be set and be as thorough as possible, to allow bounty hunters to determine if they’ve earned the bounty.

Sumer Money

Additionally, @SumerMoney is also hosting a bounty program. You can participate through the following steps:

For Bug ReportsPlease submit bug reports here.

・⚡Key Areas

Smart Contract Security

Web/App Security

・Instructions for Claiming BountiesDetails of the program can be found through the provided links.


The goals of this program are as follows:

Enable the wider developer community, alongside the Meter community, to contribute to the comprehensive development of the Meter ecosystem.

Leverage the specialized knowledge of external developers.

Allow the core development team to focus on the most critical tasks.

We look forward to your participation! Let’s shape the future of DeFi together! 💡 🛠️

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