How to start the DragonMaster: Play-to-Earn game What kind of game is it?

Dear Meter community

Today, I would like to briefly introduce DragonMaster⚡, an exciting game on the Meter network where players compete with their army of dragons of different sizes and capabilities on a battlefield of 5 tracks. The last player standing wins!

DragonMaster is a unique blockchain-based Metaverse game, combining

Real Time Strategy (RTS) – Stay on top of your game to defeat the opponent in the dragon battle

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) – Select your best dragons while leveling up your dragons in a competitive gameplay

Collectibles – Collect the best and the strongest Dragons
Play-to-Earn elements – Earn DMT and TOTEM token rewards throughout the gameplay

The team is actively working on a land system which enables players to develop their homeland, protect against enemies, strengthen through battles, and also participate in collective battles.

What’s the excitement about DragonMaster?

1・It is fun while being challenging!

2・It has mobile based application for ease of use

3・Players can earn tremendously through the monthly tournaments and Quests

4・It is extremely cheap and blazingly fast to play on Meter network

How to Play DragonMaster?

Tutorial below helps understand the key elements of the game. Remember – This tutorial showcases the Polygon chain. It is the same for Meter – only faster and cheaper

In Summary, the game commences with a Dragon team formation. Once a team is formed, the actual gameplay during a battle needs;

Dragon selection – To counter your opponent’s selection

Dragons come in four sizes: S/M/L/XL. The larger the size, the heavier it will be, and the weaker its attack power will be. The player has the opportunity to obtain his dragon egg in Genesis or obtain a dragon in the future breed.

Battlefield Selection – To maximum opponent damage or reduce your own damage

Dragons compete on five track battlefields. Both players can choose which track to send their dragons out on based on their strategy. During battle, the heavier dragon pushes the lighter dragon into the edge of the track, damaging the opponent player’s HP.

Selection of tactics – To maximize opponent damage

With multiple tactics like Combat, trading, and more available (send large dragons, send small dragon, send a particular attribute dragon), selection of tactics depends on the individual player’s strategy.

Utilize skills – To maximize opponent damage

Dragon skills affect battles. Depending on how you use skills, the battle situation changes and the game becomes more fun.

Dragon NFTs

Dragon NFTs are the key elements that drive the entire gameplay. Dragons can be hatched through Genesis Dragon Airdrop or Dragon Breeding and have attributes divided into two categories – basic attributes and skills.

Dragon breeding is random, so you don’t really know what kind of dragon will be hatched from your Dragon Eggs. Let’s hope that a rare and valuable dragon will be born.

Basic attributes

The basic attributes for Dragons are attack, weight, speed and durability

Skill attributes (abilities)

Skill abilities (Freeze, Bomb, Demon, Life etc.) depend on the type of dragon. More information available here.

Breeding overview

Just like creatures in the real world, dragon masters can breed and create new dragons. In Summary;

You must have 2 Dragons to breed

Each Dragon can breed only ‘X’ times reducing every time you breed

It takes 5 days to breed a Dragon from an Egg

Player must consume DMT and TOTEM for breeding. For each DMT breeding, the player must consume his 100 DMT. Each dragon has 5 breeding opportunities and TOTEM cost for each breeding is available here. Each time a breeding opportunity is consumed, the cost also increases.
Hatchling from Breeding depends on the quality of Dragons breeding (available here).

Gameplay Avenues

Battle Arena

Playing the Battle Arena involves;

Team summoning: The player first summons a team (including S, M, L, XL dragons), then joins the arena, and for each dragon he spends 1 point of energy and 1 point of durability to fight the battle

PVP Battles: The system will automatically match you with similarly ranked opponents in real-time PVP battles, and the battle winners will receive TOTEM rewards.

Energy and durability of Dragons: The player’s daily energy changes depending on the number of dragons they own. Each dragon has a durability, which decreases by 1 point each time you fight. If the dragon’s durability reaches 0, it will be unable to fight.


Tournaments are held once a month with DMT rewards for the top players.

Dragon NFT Marketplace

Marketplace has built a decentralized trading marketplace with lower fees and faster transactions. The marketplace charges a small fee for transactions.


Quests Apart from PVP, players can also earn additional TOTEM rewards by completing daily quests. Although his TOTEM rewards that can be earned through quests will be less than his PVP, it is expected that more game players will win battles through strategy.

Play and Earn

Revenue Sharing DragonMaster takes a large portion of the profits (fees from the NFT marketplace) and returns them to contributing players (WIP). Players can receive a portion of platform earnings in addition to their daily Play-to-Earn rewards.


Arena is completely free to play using Energy. On the other hand, the player has the option to play in his TOTEM/DMT match, and both matches require an advance payment of her TOTEM/DMT. Winner takes all.

DragonMaster Token – DMT

DragonMaster Token (DMT) is an ERC-20 governance token for the Dragon Metaverse. DMT holders will be able to claim rewards if they stake their tokens, play the game, and participate in key governance votes.

Future Roadmap

Arena: Ring Match (battle among more than two teams)

Arena: Multiplayer Match (two-player battle)

Maps: Weather/ Environmental Variables (various terrain and weather settings with effect on Dragons)

Tribes: Alliance Organization (Missions and Wars among Tribes)

NFT rental market (reduced costs through rental operations between players)

Detailed expansion plan is available here.

For More information, follow DragonMaster on Twitter, visit the website or glimpse through the Whitepaper.

 Click here official link👇

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