“Unreal Destiny: NFTBBuilders’ New Game Officially Launches on the Meter Network”  「アンリアル・デスティニー: NFTBBuilders の新しいゲームがメーター ネットワークで正式にリリース」

An official announcement has been made about the new blockchain game being developed by the @NFTBBuilders team on the Meter network! The website has also been completely redesigned and has a new game title, “Unreal Destiny.” Then, on October 5th, users will be able to experience the game firsthand for a limited time.

Unreal Destiny official project link 👇


This new opportunity will allow users to play the game to better understand the game system and attract new users. The official website is full of detailed information about the game and the latest information on its development. Videos and blog articles are also updated daily.

I also feature articles written by the @NFTBBuilders team on my website, meter-crypto-news.com. Interested readers are encouraged to take a look. Articles are updated irregularly, but we recommend checking them daily!

official project link 👇

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