Defi Revolution: SUMER.Money Cross Chain Synthetic Asset Protocol


10月 15, 2023

“Sumer.Money is one of the significant projects garnering substantial attention from users within the Meter Network.

I’ll provide a brief explanation about Sumer.Money, which is slated to launch very soon.”

Defi Revolution: SUMER.Money Cross Chain Synthetic Asset Protocol

In a rapidly evolving distributed finance (Defi) situation, Sumer.Money appears as a game changer and provides seamless and safe experience to users who want to use assets in various blockchains. SUMER.Money is trying to reconstruct a way to interact with cryptocurrencies with a trusted reputation backed by influential investors and partners in the Defi field.

SUMER.Money is trusted by Defi’s major engineers and partners.
Rok Capital
Pantera Capital
Sanctor Capital
A & T Capital
Kernel Capital
Blockwall Capital

Bridge of assets between chains

The common hurdle for many Defi enthusiasts is that assets cannot be used between different blockchain networks. Bridging funds are accompanied by risks, high costs, and non -native assets, and in many cases they need to go through multiple distributed applications (dapp), which makes fluidity uncertain. However, SUMER.Money offers a sophisticated solution to this problem.

The advantage of Sumer.Money

SUMER TOKENS (SU TOKENS): Passport for travel between chains

Think of a SU token as a traverers check when moving various chains. These tokens function as a bridge to enable seamless movements between the supported blockchain.

Safe and censorship without censorship:

Security is the most important in the Defi world. SUMER.Money adopts a distributed asset routing network and a threshold signature -based encryption, ensuring not only safe but also censorship.

Low remittance fee: understands the importance of cost -effectiveness. With the minimum remittance fee, users can make the most of the usefulness of assets without worrying about the exorbitant fees.

Non -storage wallet:

It is very important to maintain assets management. SUMER.MONEY makes the non -storage wallet easier and gives your hands firmly.

Black One Insurance:

In an unpredictable financial environment, SUMER.Money provides additional security layers with Blackswan insurance and provides protection for unexpected events.

High -speed payment between blockchain:

Time is extremely important, and Sumer.Money recognizes it. With a quick payment between blockchain, users can carry out transactions quickly and efficiently.

Reconsider Defi Lego is not just a platform. This is the base of the simpler, safe and highly capitalized Defi ecosystem. SUMER.MONEY promotes multi -chain fluidity by deploying the borrowing market at the same time between the supported chains, enabling a seamless cross -chain smart contract communication.

Defi’s new era

SUMER.Money’s cross -chain synthetic asset protocol marks important milestones in the Defi field. SUMER.Money opens up a more comprehensive and interconnected financial ecosystem by working on user -centered approaches, cutting -edge security functions, and simplifying DEFI interactions.

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