Exploring MeterMallows: A Fun and Unique NFT Project on the Meter.io Network


10月 16, 2023

Introduction to MeterMallows, a blockchain game active on the Meter.io Network.

⚡ What is MeterMallows?

MeterMallows, an innovative NFT project, transforms love for marshmallows into a digital experience. In this project, users, known as “enthusiasts,” can customize, breed, and trade their unique Zeniaoi instead of roasting them over a fire. The project gained recognition by securing 2nd place in the NFT category of the 2022 Meter Ethereum Hackathon.

⚡ The MeterMallows Team ⚡

⚡ 🍔Bingo (Team Lead) Passionate about the endless possibilities of technology and blockchain.

⚡ 🌚 moon (Design Lead) A TikTok enthusiast with creative talent.

⚡ 🦔 Bob (Tech Lead)

They are the creators of the adorable MeterMallows.

At the “MeterMallows” design studio, enthusiasts can mint the 0th generation of Zeniaoi plants. However, “MeterMallows” is limited to 2,888 Gen 0 Mallows, and once they are all minted, the design studio will be closed.

Enthusiasts can mint cute Mallows at the design studio.

The minting cost for a Gen 0 Mallow is 5 MTRG.

⚡ How to Obtain MeterMallows After Studio Closure? Marketplace ⚡

After all have been minted, enthusiasts must use the MeterMallows Marketplace to purchase them. Enthusiasts can also list and sell the cute Mallows they breed and raise on the marketplace.

⚡ How to Play MeterMallows: Breeding Methods ⚡

These 0th generation “MeterMallows” serve as the foundation for breeding future generations. Each Gen 0 Mallow can be customized to the user’s preference or randomly selected.

Breeding MeterMallows requires two MeterMallows from any generation. The unique DNA of each Mallow is stored on the blockchain. Breeding the “mother” and “father” Mallows results in a new Mallow inheriting a random combination of genetic traits. The 0th generation Mallows from the design studio require a 24-hour wait for free breeding, but enthusiasts can pay 1 MTRG for each baby Mallow to breed before 24 hours have passed.

Lastly, it is mentioned that MeterMallows will be relaunching the project towards the end of the year. Readers who found the article interesting are encouraged to stay tuned for future developments.

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