Meter Spaces businessbuilder EPISODE8 Video discussion ”ビジネスビルダーのエピソード8: メータースペース ビデオディスカッション”


9月 12, 2023

Video title Meter Spaces businessbuilder EPISODE8⚡

We discuss the game with Business Builder founder Sebastian Torres, Xiaohan Zhu, and Ara Ellison. Meter Spaces is a video in which founders Xiaohan Zhu and Ara Ellison talk about blockchain, Web3, DeFi, and GameFi with key project leaders in each episode. As of September 13, 2023, 29 episodes have been aired. There will be 8 episodes of businessbuilder. The broadcast time is approximately 52 minutes. Even though I am not good at English, I was able to watch the conversation without any problems by using the translation function. The video starts with a talk that includes a light self-introduction – an episode about the creation of businessbuilder – and the video actually explains the mechanics of the game and how to use it. Updates that will be added in the future are also discussed. Please check out the video, whether you are new to the game or are intrigued by the title. It was a great video. If you watched the video, we recommend subscribing to the channel and giving it a high rating.

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EPISODE8 video time schedule

00:00 – Intro to MeterSpaces
02:12 – Background of Sebastian Torres
04:46 – What is the BusinessBuilders game concept?
05:30 – How did you hear about Meter network?
07:56 – What is it like building on Meter and how does it compare to Polygon?
10:40 – How big is the team and where are you based?
11:40 – BusinessBuilders Tutorial on how to play the game – Getting Started (
12:14 – How to play BusinessBuilders on Meter network
12:40 – First step – How to create a team leader NFT and go up a level
15:22 – Second step – how to get mini employees
17:28 – Obtaining mini employees on
18:24 – Staking $VOLT to get mini employees
19:16 – Intro to to see the Meter World
21:24 – How to create your own university and build a factory
25:56 – Minting the main NFT to grow your empire: employees (
29:08 – How to earn $FTB with an employee
31:46 – How to breed employees and create children
34:52 – What is the main goal of the BusinessBuilders game?
36:04 – Generating mini-employees and creating the perfect employee
40:10 – Which employees work better with different factories?
44:20 – Introduction to UniversalNFT – create your own NFT to launch on Meter Network
46:30 – First external resource:

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