“Meter Spaces EPISODE No.01″ ”Xiaohan ZhuとAra EllisonによるMeter Spaces EPISODE 01: ブロックチェーンと未来の金融技術”


9月 14, 2023

Meter Spaces is a video program broadcast on YouTube in which @meter.io founders Xiaohan Zhu and Ara Ellison talk about blockchain, Web3, DeFi, and GameFi with key project leaders in each episode.

Let’s take a look back at episodes of programs that aired in the past.

MeterSpaces EPISODE No.01 features beautiful community member Ara and Meter.io founder Xiaohan Zu as the first guests on the show. The video show starts with an introduction to each other, followed by a fun discussion about Meter.io’s unique features and recent industry news like Bridge Hack and GameFi. Conversations are informative and entertaining.

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⚡EPISODE No.01 video time schedule⚡

00:00 – Intro to MeterSpaces
02:20 – Who is behind Meter.io?
03:50 – Meter Fun Fact
05:12 – Origin of Meter Stable
09:20 – Impossible Trinity
11:20 – Shortcomings of existing Stablecoins
13:24 – Importance of Oracles
14:50 – Harmony Bridge Hack
15:44 – Luna Crash
18:34 – Meter as an Ethereum Scaling Solution
20:00 – Cosmos and Solana shortcut
21:34 – Meter Network advantages
23:12 – Meter is front-running resistant
26:18 – Intro to Meter Passport
27:10 – Evolution of the Internet
29:34 – Meter Passport as a router
31:40 – Real world examples
33:28 – Future of crypto
35:12 – Uniswap fees overtake ETH fees
38:30 – GameFi
44:44 – Coming up next week

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