“Voltswap on Base: Airdrop Distribution Alert and Initial Details” ”VoltSwap on Base: 初期配布とエアドロップの詳細 – 最新情報”


9月 20, 2023

Recently, Voltswap official account made the following comment.


If you are one of the lucky 850 people, please send us your wallet address for prize distribution ASAP.

This refers to the deadline for receiving airdrops initiated on Voltswap. Some users are participating in zealy tasks, etc., but because they have not submitted their receiving address, we are informing them that they may not be able to receive it and may lose their right to earn it. The official account set a deadline of several days for redress and began redress for users who did not submit. Eligible users are encouraged to submit.

What is a Voltswap airdrop?🤔 I have summarized what the official has announced.

[Voltswap airdrop details]

Voltswap will conduct an inclusive and fair airdrop within the Base ecosystem, aiming for over 13,000 participants and distributing over 50% of the initial supply.

Below is an overview of eligibility criteria and how to participate.

[Overview of initial distribution]

Initial bolt supply (on base network): 10,000,000 Total bolt supply (on base network): 100,000,000 At the start of the exchange, the Epoch 1 supply breakdown is determined by a combination of liquid and firm tokens.

[Phase 1 Airdrop]

Base and Voltswap community airdrops. 20% of the initial supply (2,000,000 veBOLT) will be allocated to various users (token holders and LPs) within the base DeFi ecosystem and veVOLT holders of VoltSwap on the meter network. The veBOLT vesting period for this assignment is two years.

[Phase 2 Airdrop]

It takes place one month after launch and is based on Voltswap’s TVL and trading volume metrics. It will also be incentivized for veVOLT holders on the meter network.

[Other details]

Partner airdrop reservation: 10% Marketing airdrop reserve: 5.5% Protocol veBOLT: 10% Bolt swap usage: 25% Volt Swap — Meter Network: 2% Future reserves: 28%


All tokens in this airdrop program will be available on the Voltswap website immediately after the DEX launches. Tokens not claimed within 60 days of inception will be added to the Protocol veBOLT vault.

Stay tuned for updates regarding airdrop and launch timing. Don’t miss it!

⚡VoltSwap⚡ official project link 👇

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