“Into the World of Play-to-Earn! Getting Started with ZomLand: An Exciting Game Combining NFTs and Play-to-Earn” ”Play-to-Earnの世界へ! ZomLand: NFTとPlay-to-Earnが融合するエキサイティングなゲームの始め方”


9月 24, 2023

Good evening everyone, this time I wrote an article introducing ⚡ZomLand | P2E NFT Game⚡ is a game project that attracts attention from users active on the meter network. Thank you to @ALOMETER for his advice in preparing this article.

So, what kind of game is ZomLand? I would like to explain briefly

Game Overview: ZomLand

ZomLand is an interactive NFT & Play-to-Earn collectible game with exciting gameplay. Players assume the role of leaders commanding an army of zombies and monsters to battle with users worldwide, striving to achieve their goals.

Getting Started with ZomLand

To start playing ZomLand, you’ll need an active NEAR Wallet and a balance of NEAR tokens for blockchain transactions, storage, and in-game purchases. Follow this guide to create a new NEAR Wallet. Once you have an active NEAR Wallet, visit [ZomLand’s website], log in using your near account, and connect your wallet.

Next, we will briefly explain the basics of the game, as well as the market, staking, ZML tokens, DAO community, etc.

Lands: The Foundation of the Game

The game’s logic starts with Lands. Each land can produce zombies, with the number depending on the type of land. Lands are categorized into Micro, Small, Medium, Large, and Giant types, each with varying daily zombie yields.

Note: Lands are limited resources, and their minting prices increase incrementally.

Zombies: The Backbone of Your Army

Zombies are the numerous army that will aid in achieving your goals. Each zombie belongs to a specific type and has distinct characteristics like health, attack, speed, and intellect. Zombies can be utilized in various ways, including creating NFTs, selling them, sending them to other players, or participating in battles.

Monsters: Powerful Allies in Battle

Monsters are formidable zombies with additional features. They can be used to increase the profitability of lands, participate in battles, and earn unique rewards based on their rarity.

ZML Token: Powering the ZomLand Ecosystem

The ZML token has various functions, including staking and influencing game development through DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). In the future, its functionality is planned to be further integrated with game mechanics.

Inventory and Modifiers: Enhancing Battle Performance

Inventory items and modifiers can be attached to zombies to improve their performance in battle. These items have different levels of effectiveness and can be upgraded using ZML tokens.

Clans: Forming In-Game Communities

Clans are in-game communities formed for competitive or social reasons, allowing players to work together in clan matches or to gain more revenue. Clan owners have specific privileges, including managing the clan’s rating and receiving rewards.

Market: Buying and Selling NFTs

The market allows players to buy and sell various in-game items, including zombies, monsters, inventory items, modifiers, and lands. Players can set their prices and confirm transactions through the platform.

ZML Token: The Core Utility Token

The ZML token serves as a governance token, an in-game currency, and a medium of exchange on DEX platforms. It also powers staking within the ZomLand ecosystem.

Staking: Earning Rewards

Players can stake ZML tokens to earn rewards based on the Pool APR. Additionally, players can join staking monsters to earn extra rewards based on their rarity.

DAO Governance: Community-Powered Decision Making

The DAO Governance enables ZML holders to propose and vote on changes to the protocol, influencing various aspects such as fees, UI changes, and reward distributions.

Lastly, I would like to briefly introduce the ZomLand development team.

ZomLand is co-owners vlodkow and Andrew, and content writer Olha. Get to know the passionate and dedicated team behind ZomLand and the talented individuals who contribute to development, design, content, QA, and community management.

ZomLand | P2E NFT Game Click here official link 👇

Note: For more information about ZomLand, please visit ZomLand’s official website and community channels.

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