Dear Meter community

As we announced in a previous article, playtesting has begun for Unreal Destiny, a new blockchain game being developed by the @NFTBBuilders team on the Meter network.

Unreal Destiny official project link

According to the official announcement, the free trainer can be claimed starting today at 7pm (UTC) and will be available on adventure maps starting tomorrow. Please note that only 100 trainers will be distributed for free.

If you would like to participate in the test play, please do so as soon as possible.

In addition, the @NFTBBuilders team revealed a little about how $FTB will be used and the future roadmap.

Additionally, a new #NFT trainer has been introduced to the @Meter_IO network today. Your first trainer is completely free, but subsequent trainers cost 1000 $FTB.

The distribution of $FTB is as follows.

30% is burned.

⚡20% is allocated to the staking pool.

30% will be invested in developing new trainer models.The rest will be secured in the studio’s treasury.

Gamers can utilize these trainers on adventure maps, and investors can profit from the value generated through each interaction. Join us on this exciting #journey!

Click here official link👇

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