“Community-Powered: VoltSwap, the First Major DEX on Meter Blockchain” ”Meter ブロックチェーンの先駆的な分散型取引所: VoltSwap”


9月 10, 2023

VoltSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Meter blockchain. It is the first major DEX in the Meter ecosystem and is completely community-driven. The project was introduced by the Meter Foundation to showcase the capabilities of the Meter blockchain.

VoltSwap has departed from the earlier Uniswap model and Geyser V2 yield farming design and has deployed the ve (3,3) model to add more utility to the VOLT token and more engaged community governance. The ve (3,3) model is a novel design that ensures value accrual for VOLT by focusing on fee revenue. It also provides a community-driven incentive structure based on the highly successful Curve model and a tested and audited code base across multiple deployments and multiple networks. Some of the other deployments with the same code base are Solidly on Fantom, Velodrome on Optimism, and Dystopia on Polygon.

The contract and user interface (UI) for VoltSwap ve (3,3) were forked from Dystopia on Polygon and the contracts are audited. Some adjustments were made to fit the existing VOLT tokenomics. VoltSwap allows users to swap a variety of tokens, earn APY, and participate in community governance through the VOLT token. The platform also enables building an ecosystem around VoltSwap, such as yield optimizers.

Key Features of Meter NetworkMeter Network is a decentralized Ethereum layer 2 side chain that offers several key features, including:

  1. Lightning-Fast Transactions and Low Gas Fees: Meter Network supports transaction throughput of ~1500 TPS, making it one of the fastest networks available. Additionally, Meter Network has low gas fees, making it an affordable option for users.
  2. 100% Front Running Resistant: DEXes built on Meter are front running resistant. Transactions that meet the gas price requirement are ordered based on the time the network receives them instead of the gas prices. This feature ensures that all users have a fair chance to execute their trades.
  3. Crosschain Arbitrages and Onboarding Exchange DeFi Chains with No KYC Restrictions: Meter Passport connects to multiple chains, allowing VoltSwap to provide the swap capability for swapping assets from different chains to facilitate cross chain arbitrage and onboarding various exchange chains without KYC restrictions. For example, VoltSwap will have trading pairs between USDT from Ethereum and BUSD from BSC.

Overall, Meter Network offers a fast, affordable, and secure option for users looking to trade on a decentralized exchange. Its cross-chain capabilities and front running resistance make it an attractive option for traders looking to execute trades quickly and fairly.

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