“business builder city game explanation” ”持続可能な都市の建設者になろう: NFTとブロックチェーンを活用した都市の構築 ⚡ビジネスビルダー⚡ シティゲームガイド”


9月 11, 2023

Build your own sustainable city using NFT and blockchain ecosystems. Using the Business builder universe ecosystem, gamers can create their own unique city. Currently, you can play the game on polygon and meter networks.  

$FTB (meter): 0x6CFe9AdaD5215195c1Aa9755DAed29360e6Ab986

$FTB (polygon): 0xF305012EA754252184f1071C86ae99fAc5B40320

Webpage: https://businessbuilders.city

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NFTBBuilders

Telegram channel: https://t.me/business_builders

Telegram chat: https://t.me/business_builders_en

meter network RPC Network name meter

New RPC URL https://rpc.meter.io/

Chain ID 82

Currency symbol MTR

Block Explorer URL is optional, so you can connect without it.

Business builder has 5 types of factories called factories. Nuclear power, water power, food, coal, wood The creation and combination of these five types of factories becomes what is called a city. To create a factory, you can create a factory by collecting and combining 5 characters called workers. A city is created by combining multiple factories.   There are also characters called workers and mini workers. There are five types of worker characters. The types are the five types of attributes explained above. The parts of the worker, such as the head, limbs, etc., are randomly generated. Workers who have all the parts are highly capable and valuable. Workers can be generated using $MTRG or $FTB. Mini workers become adult workers by sending them to a training facility called a university located in the city. Workers can form teams and work in factories in their favorite cities. In other words, it means earning money. Workers can earn $FTB by working. In addition to having workers work, you can also earn $FTB by having other game users work or attend universities in the cities and universities you own. In addition, we will briefly explain some of the parts of the Business builder ecosystem. Universal NFT, a DAPP (NFT minting income) for NFT creators and investors. Users can draw illustrations and sell their works. NFT staking -> Generate passive rewards using MeterIO NFTs (interaction income) This is because special NFTs exist in-game. Game users who own special NFTs can earn $mtrg $FTB, etc. by staking special NFTs.

 (NFT Minting) How to create a worker 

Factories – NFT Minting – How to create

Playing in the universities – Earn FTB and XP – How to play the game

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